Kuala Lumpur : Migrant worker wins RM7m jackpot

The worker and his winning lottery ticket.


AN Indian national, who made his way to Singapore to eke out a living by operating a forklift, has become an overnight millionaire.

Karuppaiah Gobinath hit the mother lode when he won the S$2.3 million (RM7.15 million) jackpot in a Singapore Pools lottery.


Photos of him with the winning lottery ticket and a cheque for the S$2.3 million are being circulated on Facebook and WhatsApp. The cheque even appears to reveal his passport number. It was disbursed on Sept 13, 2017.

The cheque for the S$2.3 million jackpot.

Posted / updated on 27 September 2017
Courtesy: The Sun Daily – Malaysia


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