MANILA-LIFE+STYLE: Cathy Garcia-Molina: Joshua Garcia is no John Lloyd Cruz!

 The popular opinion today is that Joshua Garcia could be the next John Lloyd Cruz, but director Cathy Garcia-Molina begged to differ.

As reported on Push, the director who recently helmed Garcia’s new movie, “Unexpectedly Yours”, said that there is no reason to compare the two actors.

“[Joshua] will never be John Lloyd. John Lloyd will always be John Lloyd. No matter how good Joshua is, he can only be Joshua,” she said.

Garcia-Molina said that she is not convinced with the opinion that Garcia can succeed Cruz, saying that both stars have their own strengths and experience.

“Joshua will make it on his own,” she added.

In an interview with the media last year, Cruz himself stated that the two of them should not be compared to one another as it will limit Garcia’s strength as an actor.

“Joshua is his own person, his own artist, his own talent. Nothing can change that. Joshua will become his own name and Joshua will make a mark in this industry with his own effort, with his own hardship, and his own love for his craft,” said the actor.

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