LETTERS-VOX POPULI: WORLD WATER DAY – Bandar Seri Begawan – ‘How to get rid of water wasters tag’

THESE days, Bruneians are bearing the brunt of being labelled as Southeast Asia’s biggest wasters of water.

This issue has become a hot topic for debate in households as well as coffee shops and boardrooms all over the country.

There are conflicting views about who is right and who should be criticised.

However, let us look at the reality of water usage in Brunei.

First, we must never compare this country with another nation whose population is 10 times more than ours.

Secondly, we are a socially conscious community where we hold social events at home and social celebrations such as weddings and thanksgiving ceremonies anywhere and everywhere.

All these involve the preparations of dishes and the washing of plates and cutleries, among others. All these processes involve the use of water.

There are ways to reduce the use of water.

But to implement these, we must do it in harmony with each other’s feelings instead of in a conflicting manner.

For instance, rainwater can be collected to water plants and wash cars. Used water can be recycled for ablution and toilet flush.

Our young generation can come up with suggestions and innovations on how to save water and use it economically.

Give these youths an opportunity to think of new ideas and to invent tools to educate our people on proper water usage.

Parents and teachers can guide the little ones to not waste water so that Brunei will one day get rid of this label of being the biggest wasters of water in the region. – Ugan Brunei, BSB  / All photographs, news, editorials, opinions, information, data, others have been taken from the Internet ..aseanews.net | aseanews@hotmail.com | For comments, Email to :D’Equalizer | daequalizer@live.com.ph | Contributor.

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