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Man with Hope

Published on Oct 21, 2017

Please support me in Patreon so I can upload the latest interviews/documentaries/news: https://www.patreon.com/manwithalittl… want to restart the series of Game of thrones?? or Want to catch up with the series But dont have much time?? Well this 1 hour video is aimed to recap all the main story of Game of thrones so far
Blaklyon Den Radio

Oberyn: ah… the lannisters… they’re blonde, they’re beautiful, they’re arrogant… so, fuck them! I hate he is dead…

RJ Drakon

Binge watching it again form the start. Rob was charismatic, and attractive. He was a great battle commander – but like Robert Barathian (whom he may have been named for?) winning isn’t the same as ruling. When it cam e to ruling decisions he made bad choice after bad choice. Even if he had won the throne, he would not have ruled long I suspect. Not justifying his death – but his fathers sense of duty, honesty, and honor at all costs was not in Rob. Jon seems to have learned those better.

“So fuck them” oh I love hi

Danyres is a terrible person. It’s so funny how people can be so blind. Sansa and Arya are much stronger than Dany. Dany’s strength comes from things around here. Dragons, The Hoard, Unsullied and her loyal minor characters. She has no strength herself. She has done nothing herself. Whare as Sansa and Areya and even Cersei or Jon even Sam etc. Literally every main & minor character have shown they’re own strength by overcoming obstacles that they had no choice but to overcome or parrish and they overcame. Dany’s character is just soo annoying and laughable. I’ve tried to like her I really have haha but im just not fooled as easy as everyone else, I guess.

Loved this!6
Kaarli Makela
Very nice recap, many of my favorite moments, partcularly Arya and the Hound. 🙂
Abbe Satty
Lysa Ayrn speaks about dysfunctional family lol
the first time they showed the dragons..well lets just say they didnt have my undivided attention..as there were more wondrous things in view..@.@
Red Wedding disgusted even RAMSAY
Ben Nelson
Damn. Never thought Septa Unella looked like that!


Penny Scott
When Stannis allows “Red Woman” to burn his sweet Shireen. Is the most horrible impact on their character. All who accepted it, actually. (yes, fiction. still horrid) Great recap!!!!!! Many thanks!!
ruth simone baptista
C’était vraiment cool 🙂
Bill Williams
They left SO much out but I understand
i’m gonna say something that will be much hated.. I HATE THE STARKS FROM DAY ONE… hahahaha
Thomas Daugaard Schultz Kjeldsen Firkløverskolen
Question: how did the NightsWatch- guy who blew the horn 3 times know that whitewalkers were coming??
Valkyrie Sardo
This summary does not mention Jorah at all. Dany would have been dead several times over without Jorah. She would not have the dragons. She would not have the unsullied. If she had taken Jorah’s counsel, Drogo and her unborn son would not have died. It was Jorah that saved her life yet again in Daznak’s Pit. All she was doing was standing out in the open like a deer caught in the head lights. Not impressive.
Tyson Kemp
Melisandre is such an enigma. Although her motives are questionable at best, she’s probably the most intriguing character in the show. I can’t wait to see what her role is in the Great War.
Zachary Morris
i loaded in the video because i had to do something and un paused heard Gorge rr martin laugh and someone died lol
Liam OBrien
I Just figured what is Wrong here. CUZ WHAT YOU’RE SAYING IS
I don’t feel for Sansa as much as Aria because Sansa just goes with whatever anyone says to. She’s for sale. Even after she decides that she doesn’t want the inbred king she still allows Ramsey to take over. After Geoffrey, I guess I don’t blame her for being pretend. It mustn’t be harn’d t fool incestuous mongrels. They’re apparently everywhere. Me? I’d have had Ramsey and his whore flayed and cut Bolton’s throat if I needed to. But that’s if I was Sansa.” She’s weak in comparison to her younger sister.
Have the voices been altered?
Benyamin Yisrael
The White Walkers are the true heroes and good guys of this series…they are purging the kingdoms of all the wickedness of men…they do not lie, cheat, steal or oppress. They are the angels of mercy for the earth.
Nikole Pagan
Who narrates this? Is it Gwendolyn Christie? Or maybe Emma Thompson?

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