ASEAN PHOTOGRAPHY: Photo of the day -Seaside Tower by Roy P. Genovia, Jr.

Seaside Tower (Roy P. Genovia, Jr.)


The Filipino IPA (International Photography Awards)


The Filipino IPA (International Photography Awards) in cooperation with School of Design and Arts, College of St. Benilde is inviting the public to “Selling Your Prints” by Hossein Farmani on Thursday, June 21 at 4 p.m., 11th Floor, SDA CSB Benilde.  A back-to-back event, the Asian launching of Moscow International Foto Awards Winner’s exhibition will be presented and a collaborative community activity called One Minute, One Shot will showcase photographs from contemporary image makers. Hossein Farmani has more than 200 collections of Fine Art prints from the icons of world photography. Collections include prints from Henri Cartier-Bresson, Steve McCurry, Annie Liebovits, James Nacthwey,  Richard Avedon, to name a few. Hossein Farmani is the founder of what is popularly called the “Oscars” of photography which honors global icons of photography and acknowledges their contributions to the visual culture of the world.’

Untitled (Rodri


Entries to the 2019 Sony World Photography Awards now have the chance to be one of the coveted monthly winners. Each week, the award editors will be choosing their favourite entries from the Open competition, which will be showcased on their blog every Monday. They will then choose who will be crowned the monthly winners (June – January), taken from the entries of the previous month. Visit to know more.

Untitled (Julius Ila


Fans of the artist Edvard Munch (painter of the “The Scream”) may now view online 7,600 of his drawings. The Munch Museum in Oslo digitized not only its own holdings of Munch’s works on paper, but also those from other museums and private collections. The online catalogue, free to all, represents a tremendous feat of logistics and features drawings that go back as far as the artist’s childhood, sketchbooks, studies of tools, coins, and keys that demonstrate Munch’s dedication as a disciplined draftsman, and watercolors of buildings that were some of the first bodies of work developed by the artist in his youth. Overall, the debut of the catalogue represents a massive effort on the part of the museum, which dedicated to the life and work of the Symbolist painter (



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  • Stillness of the Morning (Jose Rafael P. Tomas)


And now to our featured readers half of whom are new contributors to this column.

Photography newbie Jameelah Cabato shares an untitled photo of the Milky Way taken during an overnight stay at Treasure Mountain last month. She likes to focus on shooting landscapes, seascapes, everything with connection to traveling.


  • Untitled (Richard Idea


From Kane Pedroso who has been doing freelance photography for four years is the photo “Shadows and Lights.” He shares: “Playing in the shadows and lights is not easy. You need proper training and equipment to achieve the best shadows and lights. I’m happy I have friends who invited me to play with some shadows and lights, which became my time to practice with my creative mind and create an image with shadows and lights.”

  • Untitled (Jameelah Cabato)


“Stillness of the Morning,” a photo of the Sampaloc Lake in San Pablo City, Laguna comes from bank manager Jose Rafael Tomas. Joey relates that he started on photography in 1988 with a film camera from his brother-in-law. However, the growing cost of film photography constrained him from continuing his hobby. Ten years ago, he purchased a DSLR and began shooting again. “I love to shoot landscapes, people, and events focusing on candid shots,” writes Joey. “I cover  events for free, an opportunity for me to hone my skills without being told I want this,  that shot angle that comes when you are a paid photographer. I share it in my FB page, public setting, for the subjects to see. Appreciation by the subject of my shot is reward enough for my effort.”


  • Ngiti at Ligaya (Jap Rodriguez)


Hobbyist photographer Rodrigo Espiritu, currently working in Qatar as radiographer / X-ray technologist sent in the untitled photo of the Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite. He also shared a poem he wrote in 1973 in celebration of the country’s Independence Day last week

  • Untitled (Miguel Alberto)


    •                                                                 Shadows and Lights (Kane Pedros


At ang Pilipinas  nga ay lumaya,

sa kamay ng mapang-aping banyaga,

kalayaan mula sa mananakop na kastila,

at iba pang banyaga.

At ito nga ay inilathala

Dito sa bahay ng isang Heneral na dakila.

kayat tayo ay magpasalamat,

Sa ating mga ninuno

na nangagsipagbuwis ng kanilang buhay

Upang itong Kalayaan ay makamit

na tunay.

Kaya’t ngayon ay ipagdiwang

Kalayaang ipinaglaban

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas, ito ang aking

bayang sinilangan.


Jervie Lazaro, system developer in a private company and at the same time a corporate development officer for the last five years submitted an untitled photo from inside a pedestrian walkway in San Fernando, Pampanga. Jervie shares that photography is his stress reliever.  He writes: “Given all the load in the office, I use photography to relax myself and enjoy life. Also, to my friends, I found photography as a medium to express my thoughts, emotions, and how I feel for a certain subject.” He describes his photo on this page as one that “once and always captures me.”

Other photos on today’s page come from previously featured readers.

From Jap Rodriguez is the photo of happy children titled “Ngiti at Ligaya.” His photo description reads: “In a world full of sad people and heavy hearts, it’s amazing how these kids can draw beautiful smiles to show that there is always a place in each and every one of us to be happy.” Photo was taken at the plaza in Orani, Bataan.

Julius Ilagan shares an untitled sunset photo. He writes: “I took this photo at my workplace after a hard day of slogging at the computer, a sight for sore eyes at the end of another day at the office.”

Miguel Alberto contributed the untitled black-and-white photo of boys at play.

Richard Idea sent in a photo of a temple taken at the Ancient City in Bangkok. “It’s a special place showcasing the various landmarks throughout Thailand in life-sized replicas,” he writes.

And the photo, “Seaside Tower” comes from Roy Genovia Jr. He shares that the SM Seaside Tower is one of the iconic places of Cebu. / Update 


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