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THE two recent dam failures in Southeast Asia, specifically in Laos and Myanmar, have prompted me to ask whether Malaysia has a federal agency to monitor the integrity of dams.

The proposed Pan Island Link (PIL) 1 is a viaducted and tunnelised highway and a stretch of it passes through a corridor between the Air Itam Dam and the Kek Lok Si Temple.

It is imperative that a Federal Agency be set up to assess potential damage to infrastructure simultaneously, akin to the consideration of Environmental Impact Assessments of proposals for building massive infrastructure proximal to dams, structures/buildings of historic value and settlements with dense populations.

While civic society has highlighted the potential risks of tunneling to buildings and structures, it has not called for a federal monitoing agency to check the integrity of aging dams nationwide.

Chow Siew Cheong
Kuala Lumpur
Posted on 27 September 2018 – 08:39pm

The Sun Daily

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