PUNCH BY PUNCH: Manny Pacquiao stops Keith Thurman via split decision.

  • Manny Pacquiao (Philippines) vs Keith Thurman (U.S.)
    WBA welterweight title


an hour ago> Pacquiao warming up in his dressing room

Manny Pacquiao has finished getting his hands wrapped, throwing some punches to get loose in his locker room before the fight. Keith Thurman, meanwhile, is getting his legs stretched and calf massaged.

an hour ago> Manny Pacquiao getting his hands wrapped
The Pinoy boxing icon is at the MGM Grand Arena getting his hands wrapped by trainer Marvin Somodio. He looks relaxed.
an hour ago> Pacquiao on his way to MGM Grand Arena
Thurman catches a right hook on the chin, gets knocked down to end the first round.
 Pacquiao knocks down Thurman here in Round 1!
3rd Round – Manny dictating the pace

Pacquiao getting the best of exchanges, despite Thurman’s best efforts. Thurman just might be too slow for Pacquiao.


4th Round- Pacquiao still in control

Pacquiao still trying to lure Thurman to come inside, then tagging him on the exchanges. Speed really a problem for Thurman. Pace has slowed down, but Manny still in the driver’s seat.

4th Round- Pacquiao turns it on

Pacquiao turns the workrate up in the middle of the round. He’s winning every exchange. And he looks like he has much more energy.

In Round 9, Thurman still on offensive, Pacquiao starts to miss blows. Both fighters end ninth round with counterpunches.
Round 10 begins with another big right from Thurman, Pacquiao again in the ropes. Good exchange from both fighters in the middle of the 10th. Thurman hurt.
The taller Thurman using his size to his advantage. Pacquiao waiting for his opening here in Round 10
Thurman running for dear life in the 10th round as Pacquiao catches him to the body.


4 minutes ago- 11th round- Pacquiao again going at Thurman’s body. American back on his bicycle.
4 minutes ago- 11th round
Big right from Thurman. Is Pacquiao hurt? In any case, that stopped Pinoy’s offense.
a few seconds ago_ 12th round
Big right for Thurman in the dying seconds, but Pacquiao absorbed it well.


Final round. Pacquiao shoud be ahead comfortably, but Thurman remains dangerous.

There’s the final bell. I have it 8-4 Pacquiao, but you never know what the scorecards will say in Vegas. We await the drama of the decision #PacThurman

Manny Pacquiao stops Keith Thurman via split decision.

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