Thailand: Inequality in Thai education still a major handicap

Finnish experts identify two biggest problems holding back the competitiveness of local students and propose solutions, writes Kultira Yokakul

Whose fault is it that our Mathayom 6 (12th grade) students failed four out of five subjects on average in the latest round of the Ordinary National Educational Test (O-Net)? Most scored under 50% in mathematics, English, social studies and general sciences, and just scraped through on the fifth subject, Thai language.

This reflects a nagging problem with Thailand’s education system that governments past and present have failed to resolve despite dedicating much of the national budget to the Education Ministry over the years.

In a bid to address this perennial problem, Thammasat University’s Faculty of Liberal Arts recently invited two well-known experts from Finland over to share their expertise.

These could be operated by the public and private sectors due to Thailand’s limitations in terms of its bureaucracy and budget, he said. Mr Amornwich also supported the idea that teachers should at least…

Mr Amornwich also supported the idea that teachers should at least hold a master’s degree in education as this would help broaden their academic insight and understanding of the skills needed to teach… …..(1.9.9.Bangkok Post.4/9/17)

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