Summer sizzle

Underwear is supposed to be worn under your clothing, right? Really? Gotch! Yes, ladies, we know how tempted you are and so we are taking you into the world bralettes this time. Embrace the sunny season with bralettes in a splash of bright hues, sexy and adorable cut-outs, and dainty details, assert designers from across the world.

Designer Simran Arya says that it’s about time we switched things up a bit. She says, “One big difference between a bra and bralette is that the latter doesn’t have an  underwire, it is cut like a choli blouse without padding and wires. They are more like a blouse and are bigger in size, and cover up the breasts. The length of bralette is not actually the size of the bra, it is longer.”

Designer Pria Kataaria Puri agrees and adds, “A bra is considered an inner wear, whereas a bralette is a fashion statement that does not always necessarily need to be worn outside or be covered up. A bralette can differ in size and style. The type of bralette you choose should depend on your body type and the occasion. Different fabrics like lace, georgette, sequin and leatherette can be interesting options.”

Talking about the trend, Simran states, “This trend is part of the bigger trend — inner wear as outerwear that’s been ruling the runway since last season. Though it is quite a bold statement-making trend, it has the potential to be adopted by anyone and everyone. The trick to creating an extremely stylish look is being comfortable in what you wear, it is important for your ensemble to reflect your personality.

A few stylish ways to embrace the look can be by teaming them up with a floral maxi skirt, pairing them up with a striped palazzo and a chunky necklace or simply wearing them with a superbly embellished high-waisted skirt or teaming up underneath a loose sheer formal top. Whatever it may be — wearing it over your top, under something sheer, or peeking out where you might not expect it, let your bralette be the focal point of your look,” she asserts.

Designer Nidhi Munim, talking about an ideal place and time to wear it, suggests, “It’s a 9 to 9 look — layering inner wear with outerwear and accessoring it with statement cuffs or totes can take you through your office look to the bar look. Curvy women or those who don’t wish to show too much skin can wear a longer bralette that covers till the midriff. A short lacy bralette can be worn by those who wish to show more skin.”

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