Asean’s golden jubilee: 50 things about Asean countries you probably didn’t know : Thailand


AUG 6, 2017, 7:51 AM SGT ( Straits Times )




Ten countries, several ethnicities, dozens of fables, scores of cultural symbols, hundreds of places to visit and thousands of delicacies to relish – diversity flourishes across this region of over 628 million people. The Sunday Times highlights five facts each about the regional grouping’s members.



Bright and airy, the Or Tor Kor Market recently ranked fourth in a CNN survey of the top 10 best fresh markets in the world. PHOTO: THE NATION



Most wet markets in Bangkok, or anywhere in Thailand, are wet, smelly and crowded places where hygiene and quality are not the top priorities. Not so with Or Tor Kor Market (pronounced Aw Taw Kaw), the Marketing Organisation for Farmers, in northern Bangkok – right next to the world-famous Chatuchak Market.

The bright and airy market recently ranked fourth in a CNN survey of the top 10 best fresh markets in the world, alongside the likes of La Boqueria in Barcelona, Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo and Union Square Farmers Market in New York City.

According to the report, Or Tor Kor “displays exotic fruits and vegetables that are unique to Thailand, as well as imported specialities from around Asia. The market is immaculate and brightly lit, allowing shoppers to easily cruise for seafood, sweets and cooked foods”.

While most of the fruit and vegetables on display look noticeably superior to those found elsewhere in Bangkok, they are also considerably pricier.


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