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With the number of people in Metro Manila growing every year, it’s no surprise that a huge bulk of the population live in condominiums and apartment buildings. And while there are a lot of benefits to this living arrangement, there are lots of things condo-dwellers miss out on. However, did you know that having a vegetable garden isn’t one of them?

That’s right, it is possible to have one. Now that we’ve got you excited and eager to start your own mini vegetable garden, here are eight easy vegetables to consider planting:



Flavor and aroma-adding herbs like basil, mint, rosemary, and thyme are quite possibly the easiest plants to care for. Most only require a sunny spot by your window and regular watering, but of course, different herbs would have different requirements, so it’s always best to do your research.



Adorably known as “vegetable confetti”, Microgreens are a variety of edible immature greens like arugula or broccoli sprouts. They may be small but they’re big on flavor and healthy vitamins. Keep them in shallow containers by a sunny spot, and you’ll be garnishing your dishes with Michelin restaurant-level greens in no time.


Salad Greens

Why buy your romaine and spinach from the local grocery for your salad fixes when you can grow your own? Buy a few starter plants and keep them in warm, moist soil. Make sure they’re getting enough sunlight!



These blushing beauties are incredibly versatile as they grow just as well in pots as in actual gardens, making them ideal for condo-dwellers. Plant your tomatoes in 6-inch or large pots and keep them in a warm area that gets about 12 hours of sunlight every day.



Give yourself the good kind of fungi and care for some delicious, flavorful varieties of mushrooms to be featured in your next Chinese stir-fry or omelet du fromage. If you do your research well, you can even buy a mushroom kit that will allow you to grow your mushrooms from virtually anywhere in your apartment.



Growing garlic is extremely easy; and it all starts with saving your extra garlic cloves after finishing up in the kitchen. Put it in a small 4-inch pot and you’ll find your garlic thriving in no time.



To grow this popular, tasty, and textured root vegetable, all you need is a box about eight inches deep and wide with holes for drainage and a nice spot by your window. Once harvest rolls around they’ll taste great in your homemade stew or your Asian-fusion salads.



As long as your place gets tons of sunlight, these small citrus trees will be perfect and easy additions to your home. Not only will they be useful for when your recipe calls for a little zest, but they’re beautiful and fragrant as well. Most trees only need 8 to 12 hours of sunlight and moist air, but citrus can be temperamental if not cared for properly; so do your research beforehand!

Published September 27, 2017, 12:06 AM
Courtesy: Manila Bulletin | By Samantha Nicole Alarilla


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