MANILA | Duterte: No extension in power for me


MANILA, Philippines — President Duterte yesterday doused fears that he is out to extend his hold on power after mentioning the possibility of declaring a revolutionary government.

In a speech in Cagayan de Oro last night, Duterte said he is  not keen on overstaying in the presidency, as he had always been prompt whenever there were changes in city hall during his time as Davao mayor.

“Any person who would believe he wants to lead the country beyond his six-year term must be crazy,” Duterte said. “I mean, I will serve during my time.”


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As he saw a big crowd of Cebu Pacific Air officers and crewmembers wearing their yellow uniforms, Duterte was reminded of his political enemies from the Liberal Party who are known by their political yellow color.

Iba ‘yung pagka-yellow nila,” Duterte said before lauding the Gokongwei family for the launch of its 7th hub at the Laguindingan Airport in Cagayan de Oro.

Duterte spoke of his pique with the “yellows” before Cebu Pacific officials led by its president and chief executive officer, Lance Gokongwei.

Speaking in Visayan, the Chief Executive said just like a block of ice his “critics have started to melt despite their efforts to destabilize his government.”

He also referred to paleness in color, similar to somebody who has turned yellow.

“‘Yung dilaw nila, luspad. Yellowish, parang ‘yung patay na (Their yellow is faded, like it’s dead),” the Chief Executive said.

“But these are just people who cannot accept defeat. They are intriguing me in everything in the military. I told them – you can oust me if you want, but I will never do that,” he said.

He maintained he is not as ambitious as his critics paint him to be.

“But I have my own saga of the story of my life. In my… katandaan ko, huwag kayo maniwala diyan na ambisyoso ako (In my old age, don’t believe that I’m ambitious),” Duterte said.

“On the dot ako (I’m on the dot). On the last day of my term, or earlier than that, I’ll step down. It is not because of – Lahat naman tao may ambisyon pero ‘yung mag-ambisyon ka (All have ambition, but to ambition something)… You’re being pictured to be one in opposition,” Duterte said.

“When you can invent that kind of scenario for your fellow men, this is – Ikaw ang may gusto (You want it). Kayo ‘yung may mga ambisyon(You’re the ones who have ambitions). Hindi ako (Not me),” he told the crowd, most of whom wearing yellow shirts—which is also the color brand of the airline.

“I have never exceeded – I’ve been elected mayor eight or seven times. There was never an instance on any of my term that I exceeded one day or 24 hours sa opisina ko,” he narrated.

Courtesy:   (The Philippine Star) 


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