Fashion: Like the ‘nasi lemak’ gown? Here are other favourite local dishes reimagined on dresses

Straits Times artist Miel came up with four wacky designs based on local favourite dishes chicken rice, satay, roti prata and laksa.ST ART: MIEL

SINGAPORE – Love it or hate it, the nasi lemak-inspired gown which Malaysia’s Miss Universe 2017 contestant will wear at the pageant has got people laughing.

Created by fashion designer Brian Khoo, the dress is an ivory silk concoction hand-embroidered with beads that depict steamed rice, sambal, ikan bilis, a hard-boiled egg and cucumber slices. Huge banana-leaf designs made of silk fabric complete the look.

It will be worn by beauty queen Samantha Katie James at the contest in Las Vegas on Nov 26.

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So how might other food-themed dresses look like?

Straits Times artist Miel Prudencio Rosales Jr came up with four wacky designs based on local favourite dishes chicken rice, satay, roti prata and laksa.

“I was just thinking to myself, what would a fashion designer do if he had to do something based on food?” said Miel.


He did not find it hard to be inspired as “the Malaysian one is already quite funny”.

“My favourite is the laksa dress,” added Miel, who happens to like laksa and got hungry while sketching his creations.

Inspired to think up other wacky sartorial interpretations of local dishes?


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We’ll add the most creative designs to Miel’s menu of dresses

Courtesy: Straits Times | PUBLISHEDNOV 2, 2017, 4:48 PM SGT
Fabian Koh


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