Bitcoin completely dominates over the USD after increasing almost 900,000 times in the last eight years.

Thousands of people around the world have earned millions of euros thanks to a small, not very well known currency named Bitcoin.

It is not in the public domain yet, but Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the next financial boom. Over the last seven years alone, the value of Bitcoin has increased 879,999 times.


Bloomberg interview with Bill Gates. “Bitcoin is the answer.”

If at the time you had invested €5 in Bitcoin, you would have €4.4 million more in your bank account today.

The value of Bitcoin continues to increase, and by the end of 2017 it will have practically doubled compared to today.

Have you ever regretted not having invested in companies like Apple, Google and Facebook when they were still very small and their shares were worth only a few cents?

You are not alone. Nobody wants to miss out on the next great opportunity, especially if they have the opportunity to invest.

After doing some research, we’ve discovered that a lot of people in Philippines still earn hundreds of thousands of euros through the colossal growth of Bitcoin.

Even some people decided to leave their job seven months ago and now some of them earn a lot of money per day using Bitcoin Trading.


“Bitcoin is better than any other currency” – Bill Gates

It’s so easily to come across a lot of video on Facebook which seem one of those “schemes”. Initially these kind of video could sound too good to be true, but the system it illustrated made sense. So close it too early may be a huge mistake.


Since this seemed too good to be true, we contacted the Cryptoedge team. Steve, the founder, answered our questions.

According to its founder, Cryptoedge has enabled 713 new investors to earn more than €15,680,000 since the beginning of the year.

The interesting thing is that we have a lot of users in Philippines. They are very diverse people: for example, there are housewives, students, and even some taxi drivers.”

“In fact, this year we have seen an exponential increase in new investors. It seems that everybody wants to get into the world of Bitcoin.”

Billionaire businessman Wences Casares says it’s not too late for people interested in Bitcoin.

We asked if this system really worked and if people really manage to earn money: “We monitor all signups to ensure that people are really able to earn more.”

“I know that there are many people who are willing to invest and who take our business seriously. Given that the success rate is positive 9 out of 10 times, this is a win-win solution for all.”

UPDATE: November 2017 – After having received many requests to explain how to start with Bitcoin, we have created this short guide.
How to earn money with Bitcoin
 Step 1: Click here to watch the Cryptoedge intro video
 Step 2: Sign up for a FREE ACCOUNT
 Step 3: Follow the onscreen instructions to earn money with Bitcoin Trading!
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NOTE: The Bitcoin Trading platforms have daily limits for new users from Philippines. This allows us to provide free, personalized support to all new investors. If you are not accepted right away, try again!


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