ASEAN-MANILA: Opinion – Strengthening public and private partnership after Asean

Manny Pangilinan, Joey Concepcion, and Doy Vea


By Joey Concepcion

The ASEAN chairmanship is successful because of the partnership between the private and the public sectors. For us in the ASEAN Business Advisory Council, we have partnered with government agencies and private companies in order to stage the conferences and the meetings we had for the past year.

Last week, we had a simple appreciation and thanksgiving night to celebrate the achievement we had for the 50th ASEAN year. We are glad to host a dinner for our government officials and partner entrepreneurs who are our allies in achieving prosperity for all.

For me, the Philippine chairmanship is one of the best chairmanships of ASEAN. Although we are considered the little brother of APEC, we are glad to have lived up to the expectation.


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The chairmanship has ended but the work still continues. It is now time to turn our visions and plans into  reality. The theme “Prosperity for All” will not remain a theme; it must be implemented.

I know that moving forward, the relationships we’ve fostered with the government and the large conglomerates will be beneficial for all—especially for important projects such as infrastructure development. Many of those who have rallied behind the call for shared prosperity will continue to join us through the many projects Go Negosyo has lined up in the coming years. Truly, the closer ties between the public and private sector will blossom as we all work together to bring inclusive growth and development in the country.

COURTESY: The Philippine Star

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