ASEAN PAINTINGS: YANGON – Artist Thar Gyi: auctioning for change


A perpetual innovator is selling his most famous creation to help new artists.

Artist Thar Gyi is orginasing his 10th solo exhibition from February 22 until March 21 at Thar Gyi Studio, his own gallery. On the 3rd of March at 3pm, he will also auction his painting “Just Rain”, an impressionist depiction of Bogyoke Market realised in 1998.

Famous Myanmar artist,Thar Gyi created impressionist work from 1998 until 2002. He then abruptly changed his style completely, leaving a crowed of admirers in demand.

The change came during a visit to the temples in Bagan. He and a friend arrived for sunset. His friend immediately saw a landscape to be painted in impressionist style, but he just saw the shadows of the temple on the fields. “The fields were stripped by large horizontal lines. When I saw that I knew what my new creations would be” said artist Thar Gyi.

Texture painting by That Ghy. Nyan Zay Htet/The Myanmar TimesTexture painting by That Ghy. Nyan Zay Htet/The Myanmar Times



Experts have put 4000 dollars price tag on the piece, but he will take his chances and has decided not to fix a floor price as to allow customers to set a fair price.

The profit of the auction will go to his project, “Last for New”, an art workshop. Artist Thar Gyi explains that this workshop will aim at the new generation of Myanmar artists. He wants to enable them to meet international artists and set up exchanges with art schools all over the world. “For the moment, our young artists have very few such opportunities,” he says.

On the list of guests he’d like to have are artists from ASEAN countries, Germany, the Netherlands, America and Switzerland. The workshop will be open to final year students from the Yangon National University of Art and Culture and the School of Fine Arts in Yangon and Mandalay.

Artist Thar Gyi in his studio. Nyan Zay Htet/The Myanmar TimesArtist Thar Gyi in his studio. Nyan Zay Htet/The Myanmar Times



Eleven other paintings will be on show. three impressionist paintings from his old collection, two of his subsequent “texture paintings” – large pictures in which thick layers of paint are carved with a painting knife. And six artworks from his latest creations.

Artist Thar Gyi says he is driven by colours more than he is by concepts. But he is always open to new ideas. “I like the taste of new creations,” he says. “Art is definitely a chicken soup for the soul, I an always looking for new things. ”.

We are perhaps about to witness a new turn in his artistic career. /MYANMAR TIMES /  LAE PHYU PYA MYO MYINT 02 MAR 2018


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