TRANSPORT-Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 : KUALA LUMPUR – MH370: ‘I still miss Papa’


The 9-year-old said she will look at her father’s photo each time after she came back from school.

“I always look at papa’s picture after school. I miss papa,” she said at the “4 Years On – 239 Lives Remember MH370” event at The Publika here today.

Her mother, Intan Maizura Othman, 37, who attended the three-hour commemoration event said life must go on.

Although it had been four years since the incident, she is still hoping for good news.

Intan said according to the teachings of Islam, one shall not grieve for too long for the loss of loved ones.


“It was tough at first. Throughout the years, I had been praying and I am still praying for an answer.

“I will never give up. Life must go on and thank God (Alhamdulillah) I am okay now and so are my children.

She adds following the incident it was tough for Iman to accept the fact that her father is not around.

“But, as the time goes by and as she grows, she understands, though she still longs for her papa,” said Intan.

Next-of-kins from India and China also gathered at the event to pay tribute to the loved ones.

Members of the public from all walks of life also joined to pay tribute to passengers of MH370.

The event themed “Its not history, its the future” was organised by some family members of the passengers on board the aircraft.

It was to remind the world of the implications of flight safety and closure for the families that will come with finding the plane and solving the mystery.

Jiang Hui from Beijing China who attended the event, said he came to the ceremony to speak on behalf of the families in China.

“My mother was in the plane. I miss and love her so much.

“I hope that we can find the answer and we will not stop searching. We thank the Malaysian government for its efforts to search for the plane,” said the 44-year-old.

Jiang Hui’s 75-year-old mother, who was among the 239 passengers and 12 crew members on board the flight.

The aircraft dissapeared while en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur on March 8, 2014. / New Straits Times / By ESTHER LANDAU and LUQMAN ARIF ABDUL KARIM – 



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