LETTERS – VOX POPULI : KUALA LUMPUR – Have a heart for elderly patients

THE Health Ministry has over the last few months made patients collect their medication two or three times a month. It used to be once a month for me.

This is troublesome for elderly patients.

To make matters worse, medication that has been given to us for years has been changed, not because the doctors say so but for reasons only the ministry can explain. I went from Micardis to Telmisartan to Zylovaa Losartan.

My blood pressure which was under control at less than 140/85 now hovers about 150 -/90+. Why is the government slowly extending my suffering?

I had been given Neurobion for my nerves. Now it is Vitamin B complex (small yellow tablets) which doctors say does not resolve the nerve issue.

I do not know what other medication is being similarly changed.

I am made to understand that some medication is available at general hospitals but not at outpatient clinics.

Normally, after treatment at the general hospital and following a few appointments, patients are asked to go to outpatient clinics for follow-ups. Why do this if outpatient clinics cannot provide the same medications as prescribed by the doctors at government hospitals?

I have paid more than RM200,000 in taxes to the government throughout my working life, and is this how the government (Health Ministry) treats me during my warga emas years.

Warga emas do not want excuses, do whatever is necessary to have the Health Ministry be as efficient and helpful to its citizens as other ministries and departments. The action or inaction of the ministry affects a large number of citizens.

Ir Jayaram Krishna

Posted on 8 March 2018 – 09:38pm

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