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Memories of value



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Mark Vitasa is a man of few words. His clients, however, more than make up for this. He is highly recommended by those who’ve worked with him. Praises like “professional, patient, perfect, approachable, creative, goes above and beyond, and ten stars” flood his reviews page on social media.“I specialize in wedding photography. I love capturing candid emotions. I want my viewers to feel these emotions when they view my images. My wedding is one of the greatest milestones in my life. So, as a photographer, I want to capture my clients’ most genuine feelings during their most important day,” Mark enthuses.A proud member of the Philippine Wedding Photographer and Rizal Digital Photographers Association, Mark basks in the appreciation on his clients.“The best recognition that I have received is the priceless and heartfelt gratitude from our wedding clients. Their full trust and the word-of-mouth referrals to their friends and families are very important to me.”He describes his guiding principles using his company’s initials: MVP. He aims to capture moods that are vibrant, to give priceless memories to his clients. “‘M’ for moments, brief periods of time. It is essential that we capture the mood, the uniqueness, the emotions and every little detail that makes up their once-in-a-lifetime event. ‘V’ for voguish and vibrant. Using vivid, rich, and colorful contrasts in pictures with a voguish output. We want to transform couples and places from ordinary to extraordinary. And ‘P’ for priceless. We capturepriceless memories that are worth remembering.”Starting out as a graphics artist at a photography studio when he was in college, Mark’s curiosity about the inner workings of the camera reeled him into the magical world of photography. “My job was to lay out photos taken by the photographers. I got curious on how photography works so I decided to try and study it. I didn’t have enough means to buy a camera that time since I was a working student. I finally got my first camera, but had zero knowledge. I really wanted to learn how to use the camera,so I asked my photographer co-workers to allow me to observe and learn the basics for free.In exchange, I became their assistant and lightsman during my off-hours. After the shoot, I’d analyze their shots and researched on the basics of photography.”

His interest in photography strengthened even after college. And getting a job in a related field intensified it.“It started out as a hobby during my free time. I got a job in a TV network as an advertising director for news, which increased my knowledge in editing. I handled the shoots, the editing of the videos, and the lighting. My curiosity for photography kept on growing. I then ventured into freelancing as a photographer during my free time, and tried to incorporate my new learnings in video editing and lighting into my photography. Before going full time into wedding photography, I tried food photography and interiors first. I also got one of the largest malls as a client. I would shoot mall openings and events for them. But I think I really am meant for wedding photography because I love capturing emotions and reactions.”

One can truly see Mark’s zeal in pleasing his clients. He knows how important his role is in one of the most special occasions in their lives. He wants his care and concern to come through not just in his images but by his dealings with them as well. “Every picture has a story to tell. Through my passion, I get to enter and touch the lives of our clients. I get to be a part of their once-in-a-lifetime event. It is very important for me to create a good and friendly relationship with them—to know their story and to tell their story through our pictures.”

Mark believes that everything can be achieved through hard work and perseverance. For him, progressing and succeeding in his craft means unending education and innovation. “Learning as a photographer is continuous. My greatest accomplishment is that I was able to maximize my God-given talents in capturing people’s most memorable moments, at the same time providing for my family and livelihood for my growing team. It is important for me to continue the learning process as a visual artist to give our best in every shoot that we do.”

An effective photograph for Mark is one that sparks emotions in the spectator. “For me, it’s not the photographer’s mood that is important, but the subject’s mood that brings color and life to the images. Photography is not just about capturing  photos. It is about taking priceless memories. As a photographer, I put my heart in every shoot that I do. I do my best to improve my skills and knowledge to enhance my craft.”

Asked what he still wants to achieve as a photographer, Mark wants to make and capture more special memories as he shoots around the world. / Updated By Macel Feliciano / Manila Bulletin

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