SOCIAL MEDIA-HEALTH: PHNOM PENH – Ministry lashes out over cockroach X-ray



THE Cambodian Ministry of Health has called on Facebook users to immediately stop posting baseless information that misrepresents the truth and affects the honour of the health sector while also causing public confusion.

The appeal was made after a viral article with an X-ray image of a human with a cockroach on the shoulder.

The Facebook post said a man living in Prey Veng province was told by a doctor that a cockroach was living inside his body, causing him to have pain in his shoulder.

The post went on to say that the man travelled to India for medical treatment, where doctors told him there was no cockroach in his body, explaining that the bug was instead inside the X-ray machine.

The Ministry of Health said in a statement on Friday that the Facebook post, which went viral in Cambodia, was a fake news story and should not be shared.

“To maintain the dignity and honour of the health sector, the Ministry of Health would like to call on all social media and Facebook users to immediately stop posting any baseless information or misrepresenting the facts,” the ministry’s statement said.

“It affects the dignity and honour of the national health sector, and causes confusion for the understanding of medical examination and treatment services in Cambodia.”

The ministry added that it is seeking to take legal action against the person responsible for posting the fake news story. — Khmer Times / Posted on 23 April 2018 – 11:07am

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