ASIAN PAINTINGS-Chinese Brocade: EXCLUSIVE – Painting pictures with fine threads

Brocades usually depict images of flowers, animals and natural scenes.


Craftsmen can work for years on a single brocade to give it a wow factor, writes Mongkol Bangprapa


Chinese brocades not only impress with their colourful patterns but also display a high level of artistry with their ornate beauty, according to connoisseurs of this class of richly decorative shuttle-woven fabrics.

“The use of ultra-thin coloured silk threads, which are almost invisible to the eye, on a cloth is really unbelievable,”…
Cai Minqiang, chairman of the board at the China Embroidery Research Centre told attendants at the unveiling of an exhibition called “Beauty of Fabric on The Silk Road”.

This ancient form of Chinese silk embroidery requires time and patience. It can take a day or more to produce four square metres of a picture.

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Chinese Brocade Fabric

Chinese Brocade is a satin fabric woven to give the appearance of having been embroidered. Brocade Fabric feels and looks elegant and luxurious. Offered in Dragon, Floral, Chinese Characters, Lattice, Bamboo, Cherry Blossoms, Feathers and Birds patterns.
Used for 
Decorating, Fashion, Accessories and Costume.
Unit Size
Chinese Brocade Fabric is sold by the yard
Wholesale Chinese Brocade Fabric are sold in 35 yard rolls.


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