Home Front: When a 13-year-old works in your home as a maid

More can be done to ensure no young girl is toiling in a home as an underage helper

Nov 24, 2010: Nurhayati, a young domestic maid, is angry with her employer for reprimanding her. She exacts revenge by carrying his disabled, 12-year-old daughter out of the flat and pushing her over the parapet wall from the 16th floor. The girl dies. The maid, who has been in Singapore for just a month, is 16 years old.

March 19, 2014: An elderly employer scolds her maid and hits her on the head with a tray. The maid, Dewi Sukhowati, snaps, slams the employer’s head against a wall and dumps her in a swimming pool, where the woman drowns. The maid has been working in Singapore for just six days and is 18 years old.

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