What may seem odd for some people may be seen as normal for others.But as we gain maturity, education and exposure to the world, the prejudices and biases we are born with are at least tempered with the knowledge that while some perceptions are relative, there remain absolute notions of decency and justice.A popular social media figure from Kuwait, for instance, recently reaped the fruits of her ranting against Filipino maids whom she called “servants.”Sondos Alqattan, deemed an “influencer” in her sphere, complained about a new law that allowed Filipino domestic workers to keep their passports and have days off.She did not want a Filipino maid, she said in a post, and wondered how she would be refunded if the maid left suddenly.

What she did not know that the plight of migrant workers, especially overworked or abused ones, is a highly emotional issue that earned the ire of Filipinos working abroad and those with family members in a foreign land.The resulting backlash included calls for the boycott of the products she was endorsing. Feeling the pressure, three international brands have cut ties with the so-called influencer.She insisted she had been misunderstood: “Just because you don’t agree, doesn’t mean that you’re right!”Filipinos have been criticized for being oversensitive to comments from foreigners. Sometimes the reaction was warranted; at other times, the criticism was better left unnoticed. But Alqattan did not just remark on any trivial matter—it was a subject as sensitive and heartbreaking as many of the stories of our workers have revealed.Our leaders were correct in negotiating such an arrangement with the Kuwaiti government—they could have done no less. As for those who insist on their skewed world views, comeuppance is fast, the digital version, even faster. posted July 26, 2018 at 12:50 am by Manila Standard



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Theresa Tan
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