BIZ-REALTY: Construction professionals attend facility management talk

Chief Executive Officer of Maxwell Cfm International Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) Arivagara Pavithran delivers his talk. – PHOTOS: SYAZWANI HJ ROSLI


OVER 50 construction industry professionals from across the nation attended the ‘Facility Management’ talk organised by the Institution of Surveyors, Engineers and Architects (PUJA) Brunei at the Atria Simpur Hall of the Public Works Department yesterday.

The event was meant to – among other objectives – serve as a platform for local construction industry professionals to share their professional knowledge and experiences with one another.

Facilitating the talk yesterday were Chief Executive Officer of Maxwell Cfm International Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) Arivagara Pavithran, Director of Consulting of Maxwell Cfm International Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) Norman Abrahamsen, and BIM Consultant of Maxwell Cfm International Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)Dr John Rogers.

Topics discussed included ISO41001:2018 MSS Facility Management, BIM Digital Design and Project Delivery, Digitalisation of the Build Environment, Transition to Operation Readiness, Mindset Migration from Maintenance Management to Facility Management, and Business Continuity Management within Facility Management.

Delivering his ‘ISO41001:2018 MSS Facility Management (FM)’ talk, Arivagara Pavithran highlighted that the new ISO on facility management provides the required guidelines for any organisation – regardless of its nature of business or size – to understand the requirements for a good FM practice.

Attendees during the talk

He added that with the guidelines, clients and service providers will close the gap between expectation and perception in FM service delivery.

Norman Abrahamsen, in his talk on ‘Transition to Operation Readiness’, explained the important phase prior to handover after construction, where clients face the problem of insufficient knowledge to prepare a facility or asset for operation. He stated that in many cases, post construction issues interrupt the business operation and impact on the profitability of an organisation or its operations.

While delivering his ‘Mindset Migration from Maintenance Management to Facility Management’ talk, Abrahamsen emphasised that the traditional mindset is focussed on the maintenance activity, but not towards the entire ecosystem of activities that influences the work.

Organisations, he said, “often see the upkeeping of a building as a cost but not as a value to their core business”, adding that “a new mindset is required to bring value to a business as well as to create a healthy workplace environment for the people”..

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