Vox Populi–Letters: Rushing more to blame

2 October 2018 – 12:21am


I REFER to the letter “More to lose at lower speeds” published by theSun last Friday.

The high number of road accidents in this country can only be reduced if road safety experts and advocates realise the main cause is not speeding per se but rushing.

Speeding is normally associated with travelling at high speed. Therefore, it is logical to assume that accidents would be reduced by lowering the maximum speed limit.

But if minimum speed limits are introduced for three-lane highways, there would be fewer motorists hogging the centre and right lanes.

Few drivers realise that the right lane is for overtaking, the centre lane for vehicles just below the speed limit, and left lane for slower vehicles.

Most accidents are caused by motorists changing lanes to overtake along highways, truck roads and city streets when drivers are unaware of the vehicles behind them, especially motorcyclists.

Drivers in a rush often take a chance based on a few seconds, hoping those behind would spot their manoeuvre and slow down in time.

Those who have acquired the habit of rushing when driving would continue the same manner even when they are in no particular hurry to reach a destination.

Undoubtedly, rushing is the main cause of accidents and it can be at any speed, starting from reversing the car out of the house.

Those who rush would keep changing lanes or accelerate whenever there is a gap in front of them. Their excessive speed relative to the traffic flow coupled with sudden turns and stops have resulted in many side and rear-end collisions.

The most effective method to reduce road accidents is to rally the public to install high quality dashboard cameras in their commercial and private vehicles, and submit evidence of traffic offences to the Road Transport Department.

These motorists could be paid a percentage from the compound fines collected. This method could be implemented nationwide overnight at minimal cost to the government.

YS Chan
Kuala Lumpur



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