Point of View by “Joe” Gibana: “I regretted being president-DU30”

Point of View 
By "Joe" Gibana: 


“I regretted being president-DU30”



“I lost my enthusiasm to work. Actually, I deeply regretted it. I regretted my decision to run for president,” Duterte said. <>  he got Mega Bs of $ deposits now from corruption, drugs, lost in accounting…

China-Philippines Relation

“We will cut off diplomatic relations ‘yan ang unang ginagawa kapag mayroong mga aggressive acts,” Panelo said. <>  Panello show of force… just a sweet refrain from the his Boss.



“We don’t treat our friends like that,
and we don’t expect to be treated that
way either,” Lacson added.  <> China has been stepping on the Pilipino’s  face since Limahong.


President Rodrigo Duterte criticizes the country’s party-list system for being dominated by millionaires. <>  Just expressing the facts where his family belongs.



- Fox News Hosts, Rick Santorum 
Lose It Over Trump Opposition Dirt 
Admission <>
-Trump says he'd listen if foreign powers offered 
information on political opponents: 
'There's nothing wrong with listening'
<> Russians' dirt of Hilary were all 
scattered in White House.  


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