Health is wealth- High Cholesterol

Health is wealth: ‘But can’t be deposited in bank. Cholesterol can be deposited in  your blood vessels’.


The Wisdom Segment

  • I. The famous adventurer and TV star Bear Grylls is suffering from high levels of cholesterol, a disease that killed his father and grandfather. The same applies to Bill Clinton and David Letterman who also both suffer from high cholesterol.


  • II. Research shows that smoking lowers good cholesterol (HDL) and raises bad cholesterol (LDL). The study by researchers found that those who no longer smoked, experienced an average increase of approximately 5%, or 2.4 mg/dl, in HDL cholesterol level in their body.


  • III. Cholesterol has been the cause of many deaths, because of late detection by victims. This made the World Health Organization recommend regular checks and reduction in high level cholesterol food intake, to reduce sudden attacks.


  • IV. High cholesterol can be genetic. In fact, an inherited genetic condition called familial hypercholesterolemia causes very high LDL cholesterol levels, and it can start from a very young age.


  • V. Low cholesterol levels have been linked with higher rates of suicide, violence, Alzheimer’s, and accidents. Scientist thoughts about this is that cholesterol plays a critical role in neuron signaling and brain structure.


  • VI.The size or content of fat in food is not always a good measure of the amount of cholesterol it has. As such, the liver and other organs are quite low in fat content, but have a high degree of cholesterol.




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