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Marching on

Marching on

Calendars are merely constructs, but they nonetheless give us a sense of how far we have come—or not. In the case of the year 2020, time seemed go slow and fast at the same time. What lies ahead as we begin the third of 12 months?

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Most of all, we have to open our eyes and ears to all possibilities and make plans given these scenarios. This is the only way we can protect ourselves from further surprises—and avoid running around like headless chickens in the face of yet another challenge.


Harder than anticipated

The global panic caused by the coronavirus epidemic will adversely impact the Philippine economy harder than initially anticipated. The country’s economic managers agree, although they are trying to assuage the people’s fears by pointing out that economic growth this year and the next will be fueled by factors not affected by COVID-19, specifically citing the Duterte administration’s “Build, build, build” infrastructure program.

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Bangko Sentral Governor Benjamin Diokno, speaking at the induction of the officers of the Economic Journalists Association of the Philippines last week, said the country should not despair because of COVID-19. Economic growth for the next two years, he noted, will remain at a robust 6 percent—much of it to come from internal sources such as “Build, build, build” and the healthy financial position of the government and the country as a whole. One can only hope that optimism pans out, as the world confronts what appears for now to be an open-ended global health — and economic — emergency.inion.inquirer.net/127743/harder-than-anticipated



Waiting for capability upgrade








Hindi sana ningas-kugon laban sa obstructions




The Straits Times says

A deal to end Afghan terror havens

War-wracked Afghanistan, the training ground for tens of thousands of terrorists from South-east Asia and other parts of the world for more than three decades, has entered a new phase of cautious hope with the signing of a historic deal between the United States and the Taleban last Saturday.

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The price of Israel’s political paralysis


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