POINT OF VIEW By “Joe” Gibana: VIEW: NEWS- US warship tested the water


HEADLINE  [News] US warship tests ‘freedom’ at sea

A US Navy guided-missile destroyer sailed through waters near the Paracel islands in the South China Sea, challenging China’s claim to the area, the Navy has said.

US warship tests ‘freedom’ at sea
TESTING THE WATERS. US Navy photo dated April 29, 2020, shows the guided-missile destroyer USS Barry undertaking the so-called ‘freedom of navigation operation’ a week after China upped its claims to the region by designating an official administrative district for the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea. AFP


HISTORY repeat itself.
Ambitions for power

China’s plan to conquer
Was not finally shelve.




[NEWS] South Korea reports zero new domestic coronavirus cases

South Korean nurses wearing protective gear arrive for their shift to care for patients infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus at Keimyung University Daegu Dongsan Hospital in Daegu on April 29, 2020. South Korea once had the largest outbreak outside China, where the disease first emerged, but appears to have brought it under control with an extensive "trace, test and treat" programme.

KOREA telenovela showed
How they lived and talked
But then, we only watch
Never use their way we catch

[NEWS]  ‘Violent’ ECQ violators gagamitan ng taser


Kung yong yantok nga umabuso na,
Lalo na kung Taser pa din?

Nasa Martial Law Mentality pag-abuso
Pakiusapan o Tarseir dilatan !


By “Joe” Gibana



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