Make the Most of Your Small Apartment Balcony – Part 16-20/25

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Make the Most of Your Small Apartment Balcony





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    small and stylish small apartment balcony

    • Oliv Home / Instagram

      This bohemian-inspired balcony shared on Oliv Home‘s Instagram features a budget-friendly furniture hack. A thick duvet on top of a DIY wood frame becomes an outdoor sofa. Hanging from the ceiling are string lights and a bamboo wind chime. A chunky woven rug adds another layer of comfort. A roll of cheap reed fencing creates privacy. A potted plant on the window sill adds a dose of greenery.

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      Multifunctional Balcony FurnitureModern DIY balcony furniture

      Shape and Explore

      Handy do-it-yourselfers with basic carpentry skills can build this spectacular piece of multifunctional balcony furniture by Ryan Phyper from the YouTube channel, Shape and Explore. The ingenious design combines plenty of seating space with both a bench and vertical storage. The vertical lattice structure provides shelving space suited for small objects and plants. The handcrafted crates under the built-in bench can be used to stash stuff or as additional seats or tables. Notice the soft, fake turf covering the concrete floor.

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      Layer With Small Outdoor RugsLayered Rugs on Small Balcony

      Christine Cambring / Instagram

      Interior designer Christine Cambring recently shared her ‘grammable small balcony. Check out the layered rugs. This is a great way to add visual interest to a dull outdoor floor—without splurging. She spiced up her outdoor sofa with textured throws and patterned pillows typically used indoors. If you borrow her idea, just remember to bring any fabrics not rated for outdoor use inside before inclement weather strikes.

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      Colorful and Classic Bistro Set

      Classic bistro set on balcony

      Sapriccion / Instagram

      Who doesn’t adore classic bistro furniture like this turquoise example shared by Instagram user Sapriccion. Sets like these are foldable, which makes them easy to store. Even better, sites such as Amazon, Wayfair, and Target sell them in a broad range of vibrant colors for around $100 or less.

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      Beautiful Floor Tiles

      moroccan balcony tile

      Marrakech Design

      If you are looking for a permanent way to cover up an unattractive balcony floor, consider tile suited for outdoor use. Marrakech Design, based in Sweden, gave a client’s outdoor space a chic new look with beautiful Moroccan tiles.


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