Make the Most of Your Small Apartment Balcony – Part 21-25/25

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Make the Most of Your Small Apartment Balcony





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    Paint a Concrete Floorpainted balcony floor

    Sarah Camille

    Did you know that you can paint concrete? DIY blogger Sarah Camille faked the look of expensive tile by using paint and a stencil to makeover her enclosed balcony’s slab-like floor. The beautiful stencil patterned she picked is called Outdoor Floral Lattice, by ArtMinds.

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    Scandinavian Balcony With Rattan Furnitureplants and rattan furniture on balcony


    Gorgeous rattan furniture and pretty plants give this Scandinavian balcony, spotted on Alvhem, a relaxing and chic vibe. The small tabletop grill on the right is the perfect size for the pint-sized space.


 Memento Maxima Digital Mktg.@ [email protected]

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    Kiddie Pool on a Balconyblow up pool on a city balcony

    Studio Sarah Lou / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

    We truly believe that people should personalize their living spaces with things they will love using. Our favorite example is the kiddie pool that photographer Sarah Ackerman added to her NYC balcony. It’s an inexpensive idea that boosted her home enjoyment.

  • 24

    Go With Durable Outdoor Furnitureweather proof balcony furniture

    Ikea Ideas

    If you live in a small apartment or house, chances are you do not have room to store balcony furniture during the fall and winter months. The good news is, some types of outdoor furniture can stay outside all year. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for weatherproof pieces:

    • Wood: Furniture made of teak, cedar, or redwood is naturally rot-resistant. Treating items made from these materials with waterproof sealer will enhance their weather-resistant properties and prevent graying of the wood.
    • Synthetic wicker: Faux wicker typically is made with weatherproof polypropylene, which is a type of plastic that stands up to moisture and extreme temperatures.
    • Furniture covers: When you are not using your balcony, water-repellent covers will help to protect your outdoor furniture year-round.
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    A Balcony Table Doesn’t Use Floor Spacebalkon bar on balcony railing

    Balkon Bar

    When there is no room to spare for a table in your super tiny outdoor space, a shelf that you can attach to a balcony railing can be a handy feature. That is why Arjen Spijkerman and Daan Meijners, based in Amsterdam, created the Balkon Bar. It creates the perfect spot to park your drinks or an outdoor dinner.



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