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Street vendor who walks from Pasay to Makati daily gets a free bike from shop owner



Its the word to describe the government people who torture its citizens by implementing very very inhuman decision affecting the daily lives of the common people. They lack common sense that’s why they were chosen to manage like military people with horse like straight only vision executing order by the man above him in position.



  • This numbers could have been avoided if only people in the government approached the COVID-19 PANDEMIC Problem strategically.
  • Non-physical visibility of the virus is not reason to fight and defeat the CORONAVIRUS.
Duterte appoints Davao hospital chief as undersecretary of DOH


  • As before, this late decision of DU30 already created havoc to the health of the Pilipinos in keeping DOH Sec. Duque in the position even there is popular clamor  to kick him out…
  • As before also, since DU30’s first day as president, he appointed his gang mates even brainless these guys were.
  • Like domino tiles, each one fell one by one due to lack of grey matters to  manage government positions, yet this new appoint is more of favor that putting a round peg on a round hole…. he’s maybe a square peg.
Families of fallen medical front-liners start receiving P1M aid


  • Better give the families Mickey Mouse paper money than a check.
  • These Mickey Mouse paper money will be burned so these can be brought to the next lives of the dead health care people unlike the bank checks.
NEDA: 75% of economy opened up after relaxing quarantine measures
Labor group seeks job creation stimulus equal to 10% of GDP
Jerwin Ancajas deep in training for prospective title defense in July
Kevin Durant buys small piece of Major League Soccer’s Philadelphia team — report
‘Vulnerable’ Pinay frontliner in UAE repeats act of kindness to OFWs
Envoy lauds Vietnam’s COVID-19 response, says no reported infections among Pinoys
Blood pressure drugs linked to lower COVID-19 mortality –study
Easterlies, localized thunderstorms to bring isolated rainshowers over the country
How would your favorite Kapuso stars look like as the opposite gender?
Mark Herras at Nicole Donesa, engaged na
WATCHUST choir alumni sing of hope amid pandemic
FIRST LOOKMeet ‘Stargirl,’ DC’s newest live-action superhero
LAW, ICT, AND HUMAN RIGHTSPrivacy during public health emergencies
Manix Abrera’s News Hardcore 426
After being turned into a meme, K-pop star Rain unleashes remix of 2017 song ‘Gang’
LOOKArtist draws viral photo of lola and apo who bought cellphone for online classes
Balita na-Kuro kuro pa!
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