DU30’S WAR: Philippines slams US lawmakers for interfering in its internal affairs

Philippine Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque. PHOTO: PHILIPPINES OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT



MANILA (XINHUA) – The Philippine government yesterday hit back at the American lawmakers for interfering in its internal affairs, saying the Philippines is no longer a colony of the United States (US).

Philippine Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque made the statement in a televised briefing in reacting to the recent move of the 50 American lawmakers who sent a letter to Philippine Embassy in the United States urging the Philippine government to scrap the anti-terror law that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte signed on July 3.

Roque reminded the US lawmakers that the Philippines is an independent country that has long ceased to be a colony of the Americans.

“Stop interfering with the Philippine affairs, you are no longer our colonial masters,” Roque said.


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Roque reminded the Americans of the atrocities they committed against the Filipinos during the American occupation, including the killing of innocent civilians in Eastern Samar in central Philippines in 1901.

“To the congressmen who signed it, we have a working judicial system and we can rely on our judicial system to rule on the constitutionality of the anti-terror law,” Roque said.

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