ASEAN ENGLISH LESS0NS: Regarding ‘Thats mean’ used by most Malaysians


Adibah Noor gave short English lesson regarding ‘Thats mean’ used by most Malaysians


The update-10.23.2020

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It’s true that learning English can be tricky for some. Luckily, we have plenty of resources to learn from and people like Malaysian singer and actress Adibah Noor to help educate the public online.

We’ve heard a variation of the sentence ‘That’s mean’ and ‘Thats mean’ to mean ‘maknanya’ in Bahasa Malaysia.

Adibah Noor took to her Twitter and posted a video to explain which sentence is correct.


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The key takeaway points are:

The correct sentence is ‘That means.’

‘That’s mean’ translates to ‘itu adalah kejam.’

Long story short, ‘Thats mean’ has no meaning and is not a thing.

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