COVID-19 PANDEMIC: PHNOM PENH- Cambodia to get 1 million doses of Chinese COVID-19 vaccines, enhancing ironclad ties with China

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen announced Friday via a Facebook voice message that the Chinese government has provided 1 million doses of COVID19 vaccines to the Royal Government of Cambodia to vaccinate 500,000 people.



COVID-19 infection crosses 94.2 million globally as deaths cross more than 2.015 million.


The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 218 countries an

d territories around the world and 2 international conveyances.


The update-1.16.2021

Sick Earth Plague Day 416

According to the premier, the prioritised people to be vaccinated include circles of the King, the President of the Senate, the President of the National Assembly, doctors, teachers, all-level armed forces, the judiciary, and other public service providers like taxi drivers.

He informed the public that in the context of widespread virus, the Kingdom shall not hesitate to receive Chinese-aided COVID19 vaccines although they have not yet approved by WHO.



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The vaccines China announced to provide to Cambodia have already been used by the Chinese top leaders, the people of Indonesia, and other millions of people around the world.

The premier confirmed that the vaccination will be free of charge and based on a voluntary principle. He continued to call on people to adhere to the Ministry of Health’s hygienic principles to prevent COVID19.

There are a total of 426 COVID-19 cases detected in Cambodia, including 301 Cambodians, 45 French, 18 Chinese, 13 Malaysians, 12 Americans, 12 Indonesians, 6 British, 3 Vietnamese, 3 Canadians, 3 Indians, 2 Hungarians, 2 Pakistanis, 2 Japanese, 1 Belgian, 1 Kazakhstani, 1 Polish, and 1 Jordanian.

Of this, up to Friday 15 January 2021, 56 were from the Cambodian migrant workers cluster and, 41 from the November 28 Community Incident cluster.

The total number of cured cases to 381, with zero death recorded. There were 343 imported cases.

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