LETTER TO EDITOR: BRUNEI- Residents facing health hazards due to poor waste management


I am writing to voice my frustration as a resident of an area in the Belait District plagued by waste management issues.

On a good day, the garbage truck comes twice a week; most months, rubbish is collected once a week or less frequently.

It poses health hazards to the residents, especially with the mounting trash attracting stray animals to rip open the discarded bin bags and strew the content everywhere.



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I often have to resort to contacting the authorities when the issue returns. But why is it our job to remind them to do theirs?

Across the road is a housing area that has opted for private waste management services, and their waste is collected three times a week. The discrepancy in the frequency of garbage collection between two areas only a mere two kilometres apart is really astounding.

If a private company has proven to be more efficient, why not extend such a service to all parts of town, so we don’t have to live with a ticking time bomb that is poor waste management, especially in the current COVID-19 pandemic that demands hygiene as the first line of defence?

I would greatly appreciate if the authorities could look into this matter and come up with a long-term solution.

Frustrated Resident

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