ZHUBIZ CHEZMIZ: MANILA- ‘Elsa?’ Teacher-vlogger’s viral voice tutorial gets Disney ‘Frozen’ scene edit

Danieca Goc-ong in YES! FM station’s booth in this photo from her Instagram on Oct. 31, 2020. (danvibes_official/Instagram; Frozen/Facebook)
Zhubiz Chezmiz|

A teacher’s voice from one of her famous TikTok videos was edited into a scene from Disney’s animated film “Frozen” after her tutorial video about singing “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” went viral.

Cebu-based elementary teacher Danieca Arreglado Goc-ong, also known as “Teacher Dan,” has been gaining online attention for her voice tutorial videos infused with her comedic quips.

In an interview with DZMM Teleradyo’s “Sakto” program, Teacher Dan shared that she used to teach four subjects in a private school but she lost her job due to the coronavirus disease pandemic.

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Teacher Dan taught Araling Panlipunan, Filipino, Values Education and MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health).

When she lost her job, the teacher ventured into creating online content with the intention to give “good vibes” while at the same time, apply her teaching skills.

These are uploaded on her TikTok account, Facebook page “DanVibes” and on her YouTube channel.

Teacher Dan said that she never intended for her videos to go viral but she’s “happy” that she is able to make people laugh with her voice tutorials.

One of these made its way to Twitter, where it has similarly reached viral status.

The video showed Teacher Dan’s voice tutorial on one of “Frozen’s” songs uploaded on her Facebook page last Tuesday.

It has gained so much attention that her voice has been edited to one of “Frozen’s” actual scenes.

Twitter user Aaron Paul Lusanta shared an edited version of the scene when a young Anna, a character from “Frozen,” was inviting her older sister Elsa to play in the snow.

Instead of the usual audio, Teacher Dan’s voice from her tutorial video was heard.

This has prompted the local Twitterverse to use the arrow emoji pointing up to reflect how Teacher Dan in her video pronounced Anna’s dialogue before singing, particularly when the character called Elsa.

As ABS-CBN broadcast journalist Jeff Canoy quipped on his Twitter, it is “Elsa pataas” and “not Elsa pababa.”

Based on their interview, Teacher Dan will be releasing a rap tutorial for her followers soon.

The keyword “Elsa” also made it to local Twitter’s trending list on Thursday evening, with several users amused by the video tutorial.

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