ASEAN HEADLINES-CYBER CRIMES: BANGKOK Thailand- Virtual influencers emerge as key force

Buoyed by rise of content creators


The rising number of content creators and a broad variety of niche markets are driving influencer marketing in Thailand while virtual influencers have emerged as another force that blurs the line between the physical and virtual worlds.

The value of the country’s influencer marketing is expected to reach 2.1 billion baht in 2021, accounting for 9.1% of 23 billion in online media spending, according to Mindshare, a leading marketing and media network under media agency Group M.

At the global level, influencer marketing is expected to hit US$13.8 billion in 2021, up from $9.7 billion last year and only $1.7 billion in 2016.


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“Influencer is one of media touchpoints that are growing rapidly in the domestic and global levels, buoyed by the rise of the number of content creators as well as niche and fragmented audiences and cultural shift,” said Pusson Swatdikiat, director for strategic planning at Mindshare.

Influencers used to be categorised by follower size, clout and the engagement they generate, but now it has more categories and the most popular is niche and specialties, she said.

This first group, despite having fewer followers, has high engagement with users.

“A niche influencer helps to tap specific buyers and is more affordable and negotiable,” she said.



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