OPINION-INT’L VISAS | IMMIGRATION CORNER- The April 2023 priority dates

– Michael J. Gurfinkel

Each month, the Visa Office of the State Department publishes, in the Visa Bulletin, the priority dates for that particular month, for the various family and employment-based categories. A priority date is a person’s “place in line” for a visa, meaning immigrant visas (or green cards) would be available for persons whose priority date is earlier than the cut-off dates listed below in the Visa Issuance or Final Action Date column.

If your priority date was “current,” but later retrogressed (or “moved backwards” and became unavailable) before your immigrant visa was issued (or before you adjusted status in the US), you would have to wait until it becomes current again.

Caution: if your Final Action/Visa Issuance date has been current for more than a year and you were notified by the NVC but did not respond, you could risk your case being canceled or terminated.

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The priority dates for the Philippines for April 2023 are:

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