TOURISM | Bali warns foreign tourists against making crypto payments

Visitors wait for the sunset at Kuta beach, on the resort island of Bali on Jan. 8, 2022.(AFP/Sonny Tumbelaka)


The Bali administration has warned foreign tourists visiting the popular resort island against making cryptocurrency payments, with the governor, I Wayan Koster, saying the practice is illegal in Indonesia and violators can face one year in prison or fines.

Koster made the statement during a press briefing on Sunday, in response to news reports that suggested several hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and other tourism destinations in Bali have accepted cryptocurrencies as payment.’

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“Foreign tourists who behave rowdily, conduct activities that are not within the limits of their visa, use cryptocurrencies for payments or violate any laws will be sanctioned. They could be deported, receive a warning or even be charged with criminal offenses under the Criminal Code,” Koster said.

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Ni Komang Erviani
The Jakarta Post


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