The Wealthiest Sports Figures In The World

.Manny Pacquiao – Boxer


Floyd Mayweather – Boxer, $1 Billion Net Worth


Floyd Mayweather has really mastered the realm of boxing; the fact is evident from the jaw-dropping net worth that stands at a staggering $1 billion! He regularly features in the top position in the Forbes list of Highest-Paid Athletes, and while he may earn a lot from his boxing matches, sponsorships and endorsements from wealthy brands are the factors that make a real difference in his bank balance!

With expensive tastes in luxury cars, watches, and traveling, we would say that it’s great Mayweather is earning that much to support his extravagant lifestyle!


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Manny Pacquiao – Boxer, $190 Million Net Worth

Is there anyone who doesn’t know famed boxer Manny Pacquiao at this point? After all, he’s not only one of the greatest boxers of all time, but also one of the richest! Over his career, Pacquio managed to become the first boxer to win the world title in four of boxing’s eight divisions. Even more incredible, the 42-year-old legend has yet to retire from the ring. That’s right!


Meanwhile, outside of the ring, Pacquio has quite the interesting life. From acting and singing to becoming an ordained preacher and YouTube personality, he has done it all! No wonder he’s worth just under $200 million!


Errol Spence Jr. – Boxer, $8 Million Net Worth


Errol Spence Jr. is a professional boxer from the United States.He has held the IBF championship since May 2017, the WBC title since September 2019, and the WBA (Super) title since April 2022, making him a unified welterweight world champion.

Spence Jr has a net worth of close to $7 million dollars at this stage in his career, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Spence Jr, according to, was worth $8 million in 2021.

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