PHOTONEWS : Mountain villages fight for future as melting glaciers threaten floods

Himalayan glaciers are on track to lose up to 75% of their ice by the century’s end due to global warming. Amid a shortfall in funding for those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, village residents urgently need increased support to adapt to threats of glacial lake floods.

 Dilshad Bano, 51, sitting on the floor near her house which was damaged after a Glacial Lake Outburst Flooding (GLOF) incident, in Hassanabad village, Hunza valley, in the Karakoram mountain range in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan, Oct 9, 2023. Pakistan is among the world’s most at-risk countries from glacial lake floods, with 800,000 people living within 15km of a glacier. Many residents of the Karakorams built their homes on lush land along rivers running off glaciers. PHOTO: REUTERS
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