CARTOON EDITORIALS: MANILA – Sunud-sunod na holdapan, pulis ay nasaan? SUNUD-SUNOD – Pilipino Star Ngayon

January 11

7.1.  Warming up sea conflict – The Daily Tribune

7.2.Peace Environmental degradation hopes up in Korea talks–  The Manila Bulletin

7.3. Environmental degradation–  The Manila Standard
7.4. Information to Publi contracts and Projects–  The Manila Times
7.5.  Joint vote makes Senate irrelevant–  Philippine Daily Inquirer
7.6. No to EJK? – The Philippine Star
7.7.  Sunud-sunod na holdapan, pulis ay nasaan? SUNUD-SUNOD – Pilipino Star Ngayon
 8.1. Testing times ahead for Iran’s clerics by Jonathan Eyal – The Straits Times

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