LIFE+STYLE-FOLKLORE: MALAYSIA – Staged? ‘Pontianak’ spotted 4 times on dark road in Melawati (Video)

The woman in a red kebaya.


A DASHCAM footage of a woman appearing four times in different locations on a dark stretch of road has led to claims of pontianak sighting in Melawati, Ulu Klang.

The woman in a red kebaya was filmed walking around 3.25am on March 28. She was said to have appeared four times with her back to the driver along Jalan Kolam Air behind Melawati heading towards Klang Gate.

The figure appeared at the 0:05, 0:24, 0:39, and 0:44-second marks of the video.

The video which had gone viral recorded some frightening noises. The car radio that was playing turned to static on the 35-second mark and then a female voice can be heard humming.

The recording could have been staged, but many of those who have viewed it believed it to be authentic.

There are claims that the footage is a teaser for an upcoming local horror movie titled The Legend Of Pontianak. The main character, played by actress Nur Fazura Sharifuddin, wears a similar red kebaya in the movie.

Watch the video here:

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