TOURISM-TRAVEL: Luang Prabang Province, Laos – Luang Prabang’s colourful events drawing the crowds

Luang Prabang has prepared a multitude of colourful activities to promote and develop the province’s tourism as well as boost domestic and international visitor arrivals, according to a local official.

Head of the Luang Prabang provincial Information, Culture and Tourism Department, Mr Soulithip Norkhunphonh, said authorities have prepared seven main activities for 2018 with some already held.



The seven activities include the festivities for Lao New Year amid celebrations for Visit Laos Year 2018 which will take place from April 11-30.

“Visitors will enjoy interesting activities during Pi Mai Lao such as the Miss Lao New Year (Nang Sangkhan) parade, a handicraft fair, and a Lao food festival,” he said.

In addition, visitors can go to villages inhabited by ethnic groups, see cultural performances, enjoy the traditional washing of Buddha images, and watch the beautiful evening Naga and lantern parades.

The province will also hold the Luang Prabang Simply Beautiful event from July 4-7, celebrated with a food festival, handicraft exhibition and shows performed by ethnic groups, Mr Soulithip said.

“There will also be boat races in September and an event titled Ancient Luang Prabang in December,” he added.

Luang Prabang province has a plentiful supply of scenic delights including caves and the Tad Sae and Kuangxi waterfalls, as well as historical and cultural attractions such as the National Museum (Royal Palace Museum) and many old temples.

Visitors can also savour local delicacies including or lam (a stew made with eggplant, other vegetables and dried beef or buffalo skin), jaew bong (a sauce made with hot chillies and buffalo skin) as well as khaipan (squares of dried riverweed lightly fried with sesame seeds and garlic).

Shoppers can buy local souvenirs such as a namkieng basket, which is handmade and can be used to hold food offerings for monks or for home décor.

According to the provincial Information, Culture and Tourism Department, last year Luang Prabang attracted more than 655,400 visitors, an increase of 1.85 percent compared to 2016, and is aiming to attract more than 730,000 visitors this year. Vientiane Times By Times Reporters  (Latest Update April 05, 2018 / / All photographs, news, editorials, opinions, information, data, others have been taken from the Internet | [email protected] | For comments, Email to : Icarus d’ Greek | [email protected] | – Contributor


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