PHOTOGRAPHY: Photos of the day – Artist captures the splendour of Myanmar

Praying’ by Aung Kyaw Htet



HÀ NỘI — Paintings depicting the people and monks of Myanmar are on display at an exhibition in Hà Nội.

The exhibition, entitled “Serenity and Splendor of Myanmar”, featured 17 oil paintings by Aung Kyaw Htet, the country’s most famous contemporary artist.

                                                                               Praying’ by Aung Kyaw Htet


Gorgeous smiles and eager discussions can be felt, yet no characters in the paintings speak a word.

Through the paintings, the monks’ faces are characterised by the glow of deep knowledge and inner reflection, showing that even through bitterly difficult times, the world is still beautiful and warm.

Htet creates exquisitely detailed paintings but is also very liberal and adventurous when it comes to abstraction. Htet’s paintings are serene and splendid, peaceful and glorious. Peace shines from every face; in the smile of the novice, in the aura of nature and floating clouds; in footsteps and even in inanimate objects.

Art critic Trịnh Tuân said Htet’s paintings were inspired by Buddhism which loes at the heart of cultural life in Myanmar.

“In traditional villages, temples are the centre of cultural life and people always express their gratitude and respect, so we can see how Htet shaped and developed his artistic thinking.”

“With the spirit of a devotee and knowledge of European academic painting, Htet’s works show that cultural values are always a guarantee of the existence of a nation.”


Buddhist Way’ by Aung Kyaw Htet


Tuân said that the exhibition was the first to introduce a nearly complete range of paintings by Htet.

Through Aung Kyaw Htet’s paintings, we can feel the peaceful nature of the people of Myanmar despite their difficulties, and can see a resilient Myanmar that always raises the spiritual values despite fluctuations and pain in life.

The exhibition is being sponsored and advised by Jorn Middelborg, the owner of the famous Thavibu Gallery.

“Htet is a devout Buddhist and grew up in a small village – two factors which have a strong influence on his art,” said Middelborg.

“His new landscape and culturally oriented paintings mark a departure from his earlier photorealism. They show the willingness to try out new methods and draw our attention to the playful colours of a country rich in splendor.”

Htet was born in 1965 in Myanmar. He has exhibited artworks in Thailand, Hong Kong, UAE, France, the Netherlands, South Korea, the US and Myanmar.

The exhibition will run until August 14 at Blue Gallery, 28 Tràng Tiền Street, Hà Nội. — VNS

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