ASEANEWS HEADLINE: VIENTIANE – Wood makes way for steel as Sanamxay bridges upgraded after flood

All timber bridges connecting flooded Sanamxay district to Samakhixay district in Attapeu province are being replaced by steel structures.

Director of the provincial Public Works and Transport Department, Mr Lattanaphone Tepsouvanh, told the media on Sunday that construction of the steel bridges will be completed within two months.

Twelve bridges in total will be installed by the Laos-China Railway Project, SK Group and the province. Each party will build four bridges.



“Some bridges may not take long and will be completed within three days, such as the bridge across a river not far from the Sanamxay Administration Office, which is being erected by the Laos-China Project,” Mr Lattanaphone said.

The Khuabeb or Beb Bridge, about 9 km from Attapeu’s central Samakhixay district, on the way to flood-hit Sanamxay district, was replaced within a few days after the floodwaters receded on Saturday.

Since an auxiliary dam at the Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy hydropower plant burst and inundated Sanamxay district on July 23 water levels have dropped since early August but many areas remain covered in thick mud.

The most recent flooding occurred when torrential rain fell in the province from August 15-16.

The Lao People’s Army has been attempting to resume its work in Mai village following the second round of floods.

Mr Lattanaphone pointed out that a wooden bridge can only carry three-tonne vehicles but the replacement steel structures are capable of taking up to 45 tonnes. The 12 new bridges are being built higher than the recent floodwater level in the hope that the road between the provincial capital and Sanamxay district will not be submerged in the future.

Authorities are still warning of possible delays because of flooding with more storms and rain possible. Many roads are potholed, especially unpaved routes, but workers are undertaking repairs and filling holes.

It is about 30km from Sammakhixay district to Sanamxay district, with Mai village another 12km further on.

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