Aseanews Headlines: Laos defends progress on child rights protection

A Lao delegation has reaffirmed the government’s continued support for children’s rights through the development of regulations, education, health services, and other fields.

The delegation, led by Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office and Vice Chairman of the National Commission on Advancement of Women, Mother and Child, Mr Alounkeo Kittikhoun, highlighted the government’s efforts at the 79th session of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) held in Geneva, Switzerland, recently.


Mr Alounkeo informed the UNCRC about the progress made by the government in this regard since the second periodic review held in 2010.

The achievements made included implementation of the constitution and laws, governance reform, building a state governed by the rule of law, socio-

economic development plans, poverty reduction, the Millennium Development Goals, international cooperation on child rights, and implementation of international protocols on child rights that Laos is a party to in the past five years.
“The multiethnic children of Laos have benefited from their basic rights under the constitution and laws,” a press release from the Prime Minister’s Office quoted Mr Alounkeo as saying.
Members of the UN committee praised the achievements of Laos in the protection and promotion of the rights of multiethnic children, and expressed their support for Laos in following the UNCRC recommendations given at the second periodic review.

The Lao delegation also provided additional information and explanations of some issues related to the UN committee’s interests, especially about how the Commission on the Advancement of Women, Mother and Child worked, its structure, coordination mechanism, setting of national database on children, implementation of related strategies and action plans, budget allocation for the mother and child sector, and child inclusion promotion.

The Commission also works to combat violence against children, child sexual exploitation, parents’ neglect of children, and parental violence against children. Training on the prevention of violence in families, communities, and social media is also undertaken.

The delegation explained that Laos’ constitution and laws ensure freedom of belief, protection of children under18, and the prevention of child access to harmful social media and child prostitution through social media.

The country’s laws also advocate for the constructive upbringing of children under the age of three, and the provision of additional classes, vocational education, unofficial education, and development of new curriculums for secondary schools, and compliance between the Labour Law and the Law on Education regarding compulsory education and the legal working age.

The Lao delegation also told the UN committee about the government’s efforts to reduce the gap in accessing education between urban and rural children, the development of curriculums for children with disabilities, nutrition promotion, and immunisation.

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(Latest Update November 3, 2018)



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