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7.2.  Manila Bulletin – Step up our energy  development program

E CARTOON Sept 09, 2018
  Our problem of rising prices, now being worsened by  unpredictable world oil prices, have made more urgent the need for our country to intensify…

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 7.5.  The Philippine Daily Inquirer – Change in National Artist Awards
7.7.  Pilipino STAR Ngayon –Putulin ang sungay ng mga kadete sa PNPA
7.8   The Straits Times

The Straits Times says:
Making generosity a way of life

The British charity Charities Aid Foundation released a report last week which put Singapore among the top 10 most generous countries in the world. Singapore recorded quite a rise in the rankings of the World Giving Index 2018, leapfrogging to No. 7 this year, up from the 64th spot in 2013 and No. 30 last year. The index polled more than 150,000 people from 146 countries, ranking them in three areas: giving of time, donating money, and helping a stranger.

The report suggests that Singaporeans, contrary to the common stereotype of being an apathetic and brusque people, do have a heart. And it is a generous heart too, as the Commissioner of Charities’ annual reports prove. In 2015, charities here received about $2.7 billion in donations, up from $2 billion in 2011. There are also many grassroots-level social enterprises and volunteer organisations that have sprung up over the years, dedicated to helping the disadvantaged, whether it is through vocational training and employment, or ensuring that people do not go hungry.

TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE: https://www.straitstimes.com/opinion/st-editorial/making-generosity-a-way-of-life


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