SCIENCE & MYTH- “SUN” TRIVIA: The Egyptians’ sun god is known as Ra.

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Memories these:

  • I. It takes the sun between 24,000-26,000 light years to get close to the galactic center. And it also takes the sun between 225-250 years to complete an orbit of the Milky’s Way Center. The sun travels at 136.7 miles per second while completing this orbit.

  • II. In most cases, Hydrogen nuclei fuse together to create Helium nuclei, within the sun’s core. Every time this happens, the sun loses a small amount of mass. This is due to the fact Helium is lighter than Hydrogen.

  • III. The sun is often viewed as the giver of life, and has played a huge role in many ancient religions. The Aztecs had a sun god, known as Tonatiuh. The Egyptians also had a sun god, known as Ra. A lot of cultures saw the sun as a deity, and many worshiped it.


  • IV. The energy found within the sun’s core is generated through nuclear fusion. During this time, Hydrogen converts to Helium. The sun has an energy output of about 386 billion Megawatts.

  • V. The sun rotates once every 25 days, unlike the earth, which rotates every 24 hours. This happens because the Sun’s rotation rate reduces with increasing latitude.

  • VI. The Sun’s polar diameter and the equatorial diameter have a difference of just 10 kilometers. This is to show that the sun is almost a perfect sphere. But, the sun is not the most spherical planet in our Solar system, as Venus still retains the title.


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